International Talent  Academy

Excellence in education and integration

Recognized educational partner for German clinics and nursing homes.

The International Talent Academy GmbH (ITA) was founded in 2023 to prepare international nurses for the knowledge test. With an AZAV certification, ITA strives for a high success rate in the professional recognition of these specialists. ITA works closely with partners who support recruitment, language education and social integration to ensure a comprehensive education and integration chain.


What we offer

The programs and courses of the International Talent Academy prepare international nurses for the knowledge test. By passing this exam, the participants receive the title „State-recognized Nursing Specialist“ in Germany.

Goal: Successful knowledge test

Duration: 16 weeks (480 lessons)

Format: 60% online live lessons, 40% self-learning phases

Prerequisites: Degree in nursing outside the EU, knowledge of German (B1), 3 years of professional experience

Goal: Successful knowledge test

Duration: 6 months (640 lessons)

Format: 60% online live lessons, 40% self-learning phases

Prerequisites: Degree in nursing outside the EU, knowledge of German (B1), 2 years of professional experience


  • The courses start monthly and include six modules, including two weeks of exam preparation.

  • After a full-time week, classes take place on two working days per week.

  • Participants will also receive half a day of practical instructions and company learning phases from the employer.

Teaching and learning coaching

  • Teaching at ITA is supported by the 360eLearning platform, which is accessible to all participants and supervisors.

  • There is also learning coaching for participants with learning difficulties.
  • The courses include digital learning and live teaching units, self-learning phases and professional training in the company.


  • The International Talent Academy GmbH is responsible for compensating for the expertise determined by the recognition body.
  • The employment institutions are responsible for adapting to nursing practice.
  • The final knowledge test, consisting of an oral and a practical part, is carried out by the cooperating nursing school and the district government.

Long-term thought, delivered in the short term!

Our qualification approach

  • Programs prepare for the knowledge test and promote integration in health companies.
  • Goal: High identification with the nursing profession and long-term career prospects in Germany.
  • Course content meets the requirements of the supervisory authorities.
  • Adjustment of the process for individual entry and time flexibility.
  • Consideration of the heterogeneity of the learning group for optimal use of different qualifications and backgrounds.
  • Emphasis on practical skills and clear core competencies.
  • Development of professional competence through the integration of nursing, everyday, professional and educational habits as well as socio-cultural aspects.
  • Use of innovative learning platform and multimedia learning environments.
  • Individual support based on learning style and habits.
Our human image

Our Mission

Our transcultural image of man recognizes and respects the diverse influences of the geographical origin, religion, socio-cultural backgrounds and language of each individual, without falling into simple stereotypes or promoting exclusion. Diversity is considered an enriching way of life.

Managers bear a special responsibility by promoting values and basic attitudes that are characterized by a transcultural understanding.

The recruitment and integration of international specialists will be considered a central task of leadership in the coming years.

Our team of experts

Our team consists of experienced health and nursing staff, nursing educators and social educators. The ITA is led by Bernadette Berger, an experienced nursing educator and manager.

Bernadete Berger (MHA)

Bernadette Berger has a comprehensive basic nursing and nursing pedagogical qualification as well as many years of leadership and management experience: nurse, nursing educator, graduate nursing manager (FH), Master of Health Administration (MHA), managing partner of the International Talent Academy.

Bernadette Berger worked for 25 years as a nursing director in clinics and has also managed geriatric care and hospice companies. With the Oberhausen Nursing Congress, she has set up a relevant nursing forum in North Rhine-Westphalia and managed it for many years.

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