Nursing staff will attend 8 hours of lessons per day over a period of 8 weeks whilst still in the Philippines. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes. To supplement their learning in class, our students will also have the option of consolidating their newly-acquired skills with our very own e-learning programme.

Classes involve role plays of real-life nursing situations in order to ensure that our students have both the nursing capabilities and language skills (consultation, positioning, preventative treatment, mobilisation etc.). Interim reports can be created with information on individual nursing students’ learning status and provided to new employers as required.

As training is coming to an end (during the last week of lessons), candidates will take a mock exam which involves completing both oral and practical elements in front of our teachers, including a practice-oriented case study. Individual talks are then held with our graduates to discuss their prospects based on how the teaching staff have assessed their potential.

Project days

Regular project days are included as part of the training we provide (e.g. psychiatric care, intensive care, mindfulness training and intercultural skills). Focus topics are chosen as required and depending on the stage reached in the learning process. How lessons are planned and structured on project days should be left up to the class themselves.

By choosing their own lesson plan, candidates’ team-working skills will be put to the test. Teachers will be able to determine where students are up to in the learning process and the progress made, as well as identify their social skills and the different group dynamics.

Entry requirements / The professional Nurse

  1. Nursing qualification, usually with work experience (candidate should be in possession of certificates which have been authenticated and verified and should have passed the licensure exam)
  2. Good knowledge of the German language, usually with a B2 level qualification
  3. Confirmation document from the Regional Council stating that any gaps in subject-specific knowledge are compensated for
  4. A minimum of 8 weeks’ time

Certificates / Confirmation of attendance

Graduates from our programme will receive a document as confirmation of attendance, as well as an individual certificate stating that they have passed our Preparation for Germany courses. The highest-achieving candidates will be awarded with a personal gift.


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