Here at the “German-Philippine School of Nursing” (DPP, Deutsch-Philippinische-Pflegeschule), our primary objective is to enhance and assess the skills possessed by nursing staff which have been trained in third countries, as well as to provide optimal preparation for the theoretical examination to be taken in Germany. We use our internal quality management system to obtain a continuous flow of the information required to keep improving the quality of the training we provide and enhancing nursing staff’s theoretical and practical know-how.

Our aim in doing so is to improve and guarantee quality of results. Not only does each of our specialist teachers hold years’ worth of experience in the clinical sector, but they also possess substantial expert knowledge in education and training. 

Our teachers and staff members meet with nursing students every two weeks, or as required, for orientation and review sessions. We conduct regular analyses of individuals’ strengths and weaknesses, using the results as a basis to prevent participants from being overworked, both physically and mentally, during lessons. We work together with our nursing students to establish individual development plans and identify and address their shortfalls. Students’ individual development plans include a self-assessment element, as well as a peer or teacher review element.



Our ethical and moral understanding of the nursing profession is the basis of our training concept. Key aspects in this understanding of the profession are close attention to the patient, individualised care and personalised support during the recovery process. We consider interpersonal relationships, in terms of contact with both patients and students, to be essential to fostering gratifying, successful teamwork as part of day-to-day clinical practice. Personal dedication, attentive, collaborative work and an open learning environment are required for, and facilitated by, a human approach. We strive to work together with our students to develop an empowering self-image, as well as a human understanding of the nursing profession, whereby ethical and moral values are of particular importance.


By taking part in our practical seminars, students will learn the basics required for a successful future career in Germany. The content taught in our seminars is evidence-based and put together according to the lessons we provide. We design our lessons around the latest pedagogic concepts and subject-specific teaching methods, implementing interactive techniques, project-based learning and independent learning processes. Setbacks in the learning process aren’t treated as a problem, but rather an opportunity to make positive change, increasing motivation.


Our staff members are familiarised with an approach to leadership that is fair to all genders, focused around staff and characterised by participation, enabling and fostering individual engagement and personal professional development. Our culture of communication is characterised by openness, transparency and honesty, whereby any business decisions are a result of collective discussion.


A combination of economic and human resources is the key to achieving the objectives of our School of Nursing for Germany. Students should come out of practical seminars possessing a wider range of (subject-specific) skills, enabling them to independently pursue a future career in Germany. What’s more, our seminars are designed to help nursing students integrate faster and feel at ease in Germany in the long run.


Our School of Nursing for Germany aims to provide nursing staff with comprehensive preparation for work in Germany. We consider it a social responsibility to provide nurses from the Philippines with optimal preparation for working outside their home country. We hope that our graduates can identify with our company’s philosophy; for us, such acceptance would be an indication of high esteem. We believe that, with our innovative teaching model and educational approach, we can make it possible for nursing staff to successfully start work in Germany in the near future.

Our Team

Bernadette Berger

– Manager –

Master of Health Administration
Graduate Healthcare Administrator (FH [from a University of Applied Sciences])
Nursing Teacher

Ms Berger held the role of Director of Nursing from 1992 to 2020.

Ms Berger graduated as a Healthcare Administrator, going on to obtain a Master’s degree in Health Administration. What’s more, she has also trained as a teacher in nursing, quality management and palliative care.

Her outstanding skills and expertise as both a nursing teacher and staff leader make the quality of her work stand out from the crowd. Ms Berger has worked together with Mr Machtemes to develop the concept, teaching content and management structure at the DPP.


Helena Dyck

– German nursing ambassador 2019 –

Qualified nurse
Teacher in *Stroke Unit, IMC, ER*

coming soon


Classrooms at the International Talent Academy are bright, welcoming and air-conditioned, creating a positive learning environment. In addition to our classrooms, we also have demonstration areas (an imitation patient’s room for role-play activities, for example). These areas are used for theoretical and practical instruction, as well as to give demonstrations. Training rooms are kitted out with the standard nursing equipment used at German healthcare facilities, guaranteeing that the practical training provided is correct and up-to-date. Our skills training includes basic nursing methods, mobilisation and positioning, among other things.

Our rooms are also equipped with modern media devices for interactive learning. What’s more, special apps, e-books and Wi-Fi are all available free of charge through our library. Our hospital information systems also prepare nursing documentation according to current requirements.


The International Talent Academy collaborates with universities in Germany and the Philippines, German nursing associations and hospitals. We’re also looking to form close partnerships with various educational institutes in the healthcare sector.

We have the common goal of providing our candidates with the highest level of specialist knowledge, guaranteeing high-quality training in doing so.

TRUECARE Gesellschaft für Pflegepersonalvermittlung mbH was founded with the aim of recruiting qualified nursing staff from abroad and introducing them onto the German job market. With their professionalism and exceptional level of expertise when it comes to recruiting, we have gained a strong partner and compeer in TRUECARE.

Enderun is committed to the highest international standards of academic excellence. Students receive professional training from leading figures in the global business and hospitality industries. The faculty that oversees Enderun’s curriculum includes some of the region’s leading academics and industry experts. Even Enderun’s campus facilities, which feature hotel-quality appointments and integrated cutting-edge learning technologies, are in a class of their own.

The “German-Filipino-Friendship” cultural association encourages friendly relations and cultural exchange between German citizens and Philippine natives. The two-way cultural project represents an important contribution to community and social integration.

The association provides us with support as part of the scientific advisory board and also assists in intercultural matters.